Friday, 20 April 2018

The mane trends for spring/summer 2018

Most of us these days wear our hair the way we want, or, at least, in a style that works with the texture we have. Keeping abreast of the trends and making a tweak here or there makes you look contemporary. 

For this coming season get ready to turn the clock back. We saw a lot of ends rolled under last season and this looks set to continue. If you have hair, like mine, that continually wants to kick out, you will be pleased to know that flicks are in.

Blunt cuts feature strongly. For those with fine hair, this is a blessing as you should find it easier to manage. 

“Hair is very soft for spring and summer with the odd kink and wave appearing here and there,” says hair guru Michael Charalambous. (His salon Nyumba by Michael Charalambous is the place to go for the best haircut you can get.)

“Fringes will also be heavier this season. You will also see them with a slight bend,” he adds.
Michael points out as glasses get bigger and sleeves wider, hair is not overtly groomed. “Don’t worry if your hair kinks, you are on trend,” he points out.

As for length this season, Michael advocates mid-length, just above your shoulder.
If your hair is prone to frizz, Michael cautions against using oil. “It can actually worsen the condition as it may make the disulphide bonds in the hair stronger which means that it will revert back to its natural state of being curly,” he says. He advises using creams.

While hair should not be styled with too much product, here are a couple that should be your go-to ones. K√©rastase Nectar Thermique (£22.90), is one of my favourite products that helps to protect the hair from heat damage as well as nourishing it and giving it a lovely shine. 

For those with damaged, brittle locks, K√©rastase Ciment Thermique Resurfacing strengthening blow dry milk (£22.90), helps protect and strengthen as well as promoting shine. It is ideal for coloured hair. You only need a little. Michael’s tip is the shorter and finer the hair the less product you should be using.

For bad hair days, I for one, am happy to see the scrunchie is still around this season. Velvet or silk, it is a chic way to tie hair back.

By Daralyn Danns

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Friday, 13 April 2018

Spotlight on Clarins Extra-Firming Day & Night

There comes a time in your life when you realise that your skin is not as firm as it once was and could do with a helping hand to revitalise it.

Clarins has come to the rescue with the launch of its new Extra-Firming Day & Night which is boosted with ingredients that it has not used before. 

The Extra-Firming Day Cream All Skin Types (£58, with or without SPF15) and the Extra-Firming Day Cream for Dry Skin (£58) contains kangaroo flower, which the company claims, helps plump and firm the skin. 

The formula, a clever combo of science and nature, is said to maintain the skin’s regeneration so that you see a visible difference.

I teamed this with Clarins Extra-Firming Night Cream for All Skin Types (£62, there is also a version for dry skin, same price).

Infused with kangaroo flower and moonstone hydrated silica that Clarins says, encourages night time regeneration to maintain skin’s youthful equalities, the cream works to optimise night time regeneration.  

I have a sensitive complexion and had no problems at all with either of these potions. After using them for a couple of weeks I did think my complexion looked dewy and refreshed. They have a lovely texture and a pleasant scent.

The fear of slackening skin appearing may just have been banished.

By Daralyn Danns 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Spotlight on Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate

Years ago I got what is known as a “raw chin” after kissing my boyfriend. Not only did it hurt, it was embarrassing. So, it is in your interest to ensure that the man in your life has super soft well-moisturised face not rough skin that can irritate you.

As more and more men are realising the importance of a good moisturiser, companies are launching new products all the time. A winner has to be Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Activated Water-Gel Concentrate (£36). It is a superb light water-gel moisturiser that is gentle and keeps the skin hydrated for hours.

Fragrance and oil-free, it is an impressive refreshing cocktail of hydrating ingredients laced with antioxidants. It is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling soft and soothed.

Another great product from Clinique is the Aloe Shave Gel (£16). My tester told me that this is the best one he has ever used – and, believe me, he has tried plenty. It works wonders on his sensitive and delicate skin. It lathers up well (you only need a small amount) and makes shaving easier as it helps to soften any coarse hairs.

This would make a great Father’s Day gift.

By Daralyn Danns